Info Slider Showcase Examples

In a parallax universe you can create some really cool effects. Consider the Slider below. Watch the background image behind the Info Slider as you operate the Slider, and when you scroll the page.


This demo illustrates the parallax effect you can achieve when using the Info Slider transparency option and a strategically chosen, styled background image.

Slider panel content

Panels can contain text, images, or just about anything else.

Buttons and links...

Panels can contain stylized links and buttons. The following button was made with our Links Toolkit.

Info Slider Home

Set it and forget it.

Choose the number of panels to display—from 1 to 6. We'll do the calculations and make the adjustments for various screen widths and device types, making sure everything always fits nicely...and responsibly.


Info Slider is responsive, adaptive, and accessible. And because it's a PVII widget, scripting is efficient and purposeful, and animations are cinematically smooth.

Management and modification

Easily add, configure, delete, and reorder panels from inside the user interface, at any time. You can have as many or as few panels as you need.

If CSS is your thing...

In addition to colors, you can also set borders, rounded corners, transparency, padding, and more. The interface also includes User Class options, which allow you to set custom classes that can be used to do just about any type of customization you can think of.

PVII quality

When you need the best tools and the best support, look no further than Project Seven. We make Dreamweaver better, and we've been doing so since 1998.

Magic Box Trigger Thumbnails

The following showcase demo displays thumbnails that trigger a Magic Box gallery. Imagine the possibilities!

Demo: Best Selling Products

The Slider below is a copy of the best sellers listin from our home page, which is the reason Info Slider was created. We needed a way to take this critical listing and condense it to a single row to save vertical space and eliminate the need for visitors on laptops and desktops to scroll the page vertically in order to see the entire list.

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