Info Slider New Features in Version 1.1.4

We listened to your suggestions! Info Slider now features several new and exciting features, along with various enhancements that make it better than ever. Please read on to learn more...

1. Paginators

Paginators are little dots that can be set to appear above or below your Info Slider. These dots serve 2 purposes. They provide feedback to visitors, indicating how many Slider viewports are available to scroll. Paginator dots also serve as links to their relevant viewports.

Paginators are customizable

The Info slider UI gives you the ability to set default, hover, and selected state colors for your Paginator dots, allowing you to accommodate any design!

The following Info Slider displays a Paginator below the panels:

New Features!

Info Slider 1.1.4 adds several new and exciting features.


This example displays a Paginator below the slider. The dots allow users to orient themselves and can also be clicked to advance through your panels, one viewport at a time. If an entire viewport of panels does not exist, individual panels will slide until the end is reached.

Paginator Position

Paginators can be placed above or below the slider.

Paginator Colors

Choose from a palette of 19 colors to set default, hover, and selected states for your Paginator dots.

Paginator Size

The size of your Paginators is controlled in the p7ISM-01.css file with with a height and width declaration on the .ism-paginator a class. By default, height and width are set to 11px. Edit the values to increase or decrease the size.

Paginator Shape

Shape is controlled in the p7ISM-01.css file with with a border-radius declaration on the .ism-paginator a class. To make square paginators, change the value from 100% to 0px. Additionally, you can change border-radius, as well as height and width to make various rectangular shapes.

PVII Stands Alone...

Our tools are feature rich and fully automated inside Dreamweaver, providing a level of UI design not available with other tools.

2. Auto Play

By popular demand, we've added a very cool Auto Play feature to Info Slider (v. 1.1.4). This mode can be configured to start on page load or you can opt to give users full control by providing them with a Pause/Play button.

Auto Play Mode

Additionally, you set an Auto Play Mode to slide one panel at a time, or the entire viewport. And, of course, you can also set the number of seconds between slides with the Display Time option.

Mouse Options

If you not to show a Pause/Play button, you will be able to set the slider to Pause on Mouse Over. A Stop on Action option can also be set, which will cause Auto Play to stop if you use the left or right arrows to advance or reverse the slider.

The UI

Auto Play Mode

The latest version of Info Slider adds an Auto Play mode. In addition, you can also opt to display a Pause/Play button inside the slider, at the bottom right corner. This feature puts a finishing touch on Info Slider, making truly a one-of-a-kind tool for Dreamweaver users. You cannot do this with Bootstrap!

Auto Play Cycles

When Auto Play is selected, you can also select how many cycles to run. You can run 1 or more specific cycles or you can set the slider to run continuously. When the slider reaches the end, it will reverse direction.

Pause Play Button

The Pause/Play button is displayed at the bottom right edge of the slider.

Pause on Mouse Over

If you opt not to show a Pause/Play button, you can set the slider to automatically pause when a user points his or her mouse over any part of the slider. This option is grayed out if you have opted to show a Pause/Play button.

The above example uses a customized Paginator. Size and shape have been reset to display rectangular graphics by editing the height, width, and border-radius of the .ism-paginator a class.

Other New Features and Enhancements

PVII is constantly tweaking and improving its products, so the above features are not the end! We've added more features and options. Including the following:

3. Number of Panels in View

We've increased the number of panels you can display in a viewport from 6 to 10.

4. External Linking Support

You can now externally link directly to a specific panel in your slider, using the following syntax methods:


Use the following syntax, appended to the end of an ordinary link: ?ism=1_5, which will link to the 5th panel in the first Info Slider on your page. Here is a live example:



Use the following syntax, appended to the end of an ordinary link: #ism1_5, which will link to the 5th panel in the first Info Slider on your page. Here is a live example:



Key Features

Museum-grade galleries in Dreamweaver

Responsive & Adaptive

Works with Dreamweaver Templates

No coding Required

Display from 1-10 Panels

Over 1000 color combinations available

Auto Play Mode with Pause and Play control

Rounded corner and border options

Display Customizable Paginators

Smooth Sliding Animation

Modify and Edit at Any Time

And much more...