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Gadzooks: A Harmony Page Pack Collection The most Powerful Layout Building Tools for Dreamweaver

Buy Now $95 | User Guide | Examples

The Cutting Edge of Beautiful Page Design

Gadzooks is a collection of 10 gorgeous web pages built with our Harmony Page Building tool. Each page also contains a coordinated Adaptive Menu. One page even contains a gorgeous animated banner image gallery made with Art Gallery Magic. Gadzooks installs into Dreamweaver and comes with an automated user interface. Simply choose a layout, click the Create button, and your page is built instantly. Add your content and graphics and you're ready to publish!

Do You Need Harmony, Adaptive Menu Magic Builder, or Art Gallery Magic?

Gadzooks is a standalone product. Nothing else is required. Harmony-based pages with fully-functioning Adaptive Menus will be generated whether or not you own Harmony or Adaptive Menu Magic. However, since Gadzooks pages are based on the Harmony Page Layout System and the Adaptive Menu Magic Builder, having those tools installed will provide the added benefit of being able to completely manage your page structure and navigation from within dedicated, fully automated interfaces that run inside Dreamweaver. Even the included banner gallery page is fully functional, whether or not you own Art Gallery Magic. The choice is yours.

The Gadzooks Page Pack Collection is an investment in excellence.

Gadzooks comes with 10 page designs.

Mix and match portal pages and interior pages. Add a page with a mini animated thumbnail grid. You can even add a responsive calendar page!

Portal Page

Banner Page

Animated Banner Gallery

2-Column Classic

2-Column Boxed

3 Equal Columns

3 Columns Boxed

3 Columns with Mini Grid

Responsive HTML Calendar

Multi-Color Smooth Scrolling Page

Template Ready...

Gadzooks and Dreamweaver Templates (DWT) are a match made in heaven. The Template section in the Gadzooks user guide is amazing! It'll blow you away.

The User Interface

Gadzooks comes with an interface that installs into Dreamweaver, giving you the ability to create fully designed pages instantly!

Key Features

Create Fully Designed Pages Instantly

Responsive & Adaptive

Works with Dreamweaver Templates

No coding Required

Comes with Adaptive Menus and Animated Art Gallery

Built with PVII Harmony Layout Builder


Choose from 10 Page Designs

Mix and Match Page Designs to Create your Dream Site!

Harmony Users can Edit each Layout Visually to Restructure Columns and Rows!

And much more...

An Investment in Excellence!

Measured against other tools, PVII Page Pack Collections have no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.