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Accordion Panel Magic 4The Ultimate Accordion Widgetfor Dreamweaver

Buy Full Version $95 | Upgrade from APM3: $75 | User Guide | Examples

Accordion Panel Magic 4 is the next iteration of the first Accordion Panel widget ever made for Dreamweaver. It's also the most powerful and feature-rich accordion widget there is. We've modernized the code, re-engineered the structure, and the result is amazing.

Exciting New Features

  • Scroll to Trigger: This usability option (turned on by default) causes the entire Accordion to scroll up smoothly, so that the trigger you have clicked (or tapped) is near the top of the viewport.
  • User Class: You can now set a custom CSS class for each Trigger, each content panel, or the entire (root) Accordion.
  • Flexbox Columns: When adding a new content panel, you can choose a single or multi-column configuration. Multiple columns use the modern CSS Flexbox specification. Older browsers are automatically detected and a workaround employed to revert to floated columns.
  • Trigger Styling Options: Triggers can now be optioned to include borders, rounded corners, vertical spacing, and CSS animations.
  • Panel Styling Options: Content panels can optionally be set to display borders.
  • General Styling: The CSS that styles APM has been totally revised and uses modern techniques that are both innovative and mobile-friendly.

The following features are carried forward from Accordion Panel Magic 3:

  • Adaptive Height and Width
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  • Automatic converter for older versions of Accordion Panel Magic
  • Multi-Column Content Formatting.
  • Smooth CSS 3-based animations
  • Nesting Support
  • Operate onClick or onMouseOver
  • Auto Rotate and Random Panel Options
  • Automated GUI inside Dreamweaver

User Interface

Full Version: $95

Upgrade from Accordion Panel Magic 3: $75