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Animated effects made with PVII CSS Class Switcher.





The devil is in the details

Designing a web page can be fun. You create a new page, then stare at it with longing while visualizing jut how gorgeous it can be. A column or two here, a row there, my beautiful art in this or that corner. But before you can get to the fun bits, the task of building the structure, writing the CSS, and crafting the markup slowly erodes your excitement. If only I had tools to engineer the structure so I can focus on the design, you think.

We can exorcize your demons

Gadzooks was built with our Harmony layout-building tool. While you do not need Harmony to use Gadzooks (you can simply edit the markup and CSS, of course), having Harmony means that you can, at any time, pop open the Harmony interface and change this, or any of the other Gadzooks layouts, to fit your design. You can eliminate this column or another, change the order in which columns appear, adjust widths, colorize, round corners, and more. In other words, you can have Harmony do the details, so you can focus on the design.

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