Accordion Panel Magic 4

Accordion Panel Magic 4 is the next iteration of the first Accordion Panel widget ever made for Dreamweaver. It's also the most powerful and feature-rich accordion widget there is. We've modernized the code, re-engineered the structure, and the result is amazing. And speaking of amazing, let's trigger an accordion lower on this page. The page will scroll up bringing the target accordion widget into view! Trigger it Now...


Accordion Panel Magic is the accordion widget that'll turn you into an HTML superhero.

Whether looking at the clean HTML markup, the efficient modern CSS, or the custom-written JavaScript programming, Accordion Magic 4 is a work of art

Scroll to Trigger

The Scroll to Trigger option, which can be turned off in the APM4 interface, means that no matter how long your panels become, your visitors will never become disoriented, because the triggered content panel will smoothly rise to the top of the viewport or window.

Trigger Styles

Options in the interface allow you to set border, rounded corners, vertical spacing, and animation to your triggers! In effect, this gives you the ability to have multiple accordions on your page, each using the same theme to have unique trigger looks.

APM 4 supports nesting

When nesting, you can set the nested accordion to a theme that's different from its parent.

If you set the nested accordion to the same theme as its parent, the nested accordion will have the same trigger attributes.

If the nested accordion is set to a different theme than its parent, you can set unique trigger style attributes.


Design and configure your accordion to look professional, artsy, or anywhere in between.

Henry tried and tried to get his generic accordion to work. After 3 days, he was exhausted and totally deflated. Then he heard about PVII Accordion Panel Magic 4. He scraped himself up (with a spatula) and everything was good again.

Dreamweaver automation that is unprecedented, and refinement that is unrivaled. Put it all together and you have the ultimate Accordion widget.

In a sea of widgets, Accordion Panel Magic 4 offers quality, refinement, features, accessibility, and Dreamweaver integration that can't be beat. It works in all devices—including smartphones and tablets.

  • Scroll to Trigger: The active trigger is always near the top of the viewport.
  • User Class: Set a custom CSS class for each Trigger, content panel, or the entire Accordion.
  • Flexbox Columns: Set multiple columns inside your accordion panels when you create them.
  • Trigger Styling Options: Set borders, rounded corners, vertical spacing, and CSS animations.
  • Panel Styling Options

Not into pastels? The Gray Theme is designed to go with just about any type of design. Of course, you are free to edit the colors if you like. The choice is always yours. APM 4 is the ultimate accordion widget for Dreamweaver, going beyond the capabilities of jQuery or Bootstrap accordions!

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