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Peekaboo (PKB)Make Easy Animated Rollups for any Image on your page...

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Responsive and Mobile friendly

Insert one or more images with rollup, rolldown, or static information overlays. Information can also be set inline, below the image. Multiple images are automatically arranged in a responsive and adaptive CSS grid.

Easily edit content directly in Dreamweaver Design View.




  • Graphical User Interface inside Dreamweaver
  • Info overlays can be set to roll up or roll down
  • Info overlays can be set to full height, or limited to the amount of content
  • Info can also be displayed inline, below the image
  • Info is fully and easily editable in Dreamweaver Design View
  • Images can be set to scale up and down in size, or can be constrained to never exceed their natural dimensions
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Insert single or multiple images
  • Multiple image deployments automatically displayed in a responsive/adaptive grid
  • Multiple image deployments can assigned custom widths
  • In Multiple image deployments, image boxes can be custom-aligned vertically
  • Content in info areas can be custom-aligned both vertically and horizontally
  • Set borders on root DIV and/or individual images boxes
  • Set rounded corners
  • Choose a colored matte (black, white, or gray)
  • Display an arrow icon (light or dark)
  • Hide arrow icon
  • Set a custom user class for each image, each info area, or the entire root element
  • Supports all pointer methods: mouse, pen, and touch

See Demo Page

User Interface

The image below is a Peekaboo image with an info roll-up...


The PVII Peekaboo User Interface

See More Examples...