We are no longer providing Mac or Windows versions of our PVII Extension Manager.

For all Creative Cloud versions Adobe recommends using the free Anastasiy’s Extension Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud. We have fully tested this extension manager and it works perfectly for all of our extensions.

Additional Info

The Anastasiy Extension Manager uses the Adobe Extension Installer core module for installing the extension. There may be cases where the Adobe CC internals or extension database have become corrupted or are causing issues that prevent the extension installation. In these cases we recommend using the DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver. It does not rely on Adobe CC internals to install the extension and as such may not be affected the the internal issues. We have fully tested this extension manager and it will work with all of our extensions.

Note: Since the DMXzone EM does not use the Adobe database you will not see already installed extensions in the interface listing, you will only see the extension you have installed using this extension manager. This causes no issues, and you can always re-install any extension so that it appears in the listing.

Important -CS6 and under

The Anastasiy Extension Manager is designed for Adobe Creative Cloud versions only. If you are running CS6 (or earlier) versions of Adobe products, you should continue to use the Adobe Extension Manager that came with your product.

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