Insert one or more images with rollup, rolldown, or static information overlays. Information can also be set inline, below the image. Multiple images are automatically arranged in a responsive and adaptive CSS grid. Easily edit content directly in Dreamweaver Design View.

Control Column Counts with Precision

Get the look and feel you need with complete control over the number of columns displayed

Note: The above images are actual book covers designed by award-winning cover designer Regina Wamba

If you need to show lots of content...

Peekaboo allows to set your info content so that it appears below your image—a handy feature in a mobile-first design when you need to include a significant amount of content.


Each image can be vertically aligned, making for an interesting design.


Info Content for the first 3 images is set to inline block, positioned below the image—a valuable feature when you need to add a significant amount of content. PVII Peekaboo comes with a powerful set of features, making your work a pleasure.


Peekaboo has support for images of different sizes and aspect ratios. Your customers and clients will marvel at your creativity.


PVII makes the most powerful tools for Dreamweaver.

An Employee Roster

Peekaboo adds style and function to any page. The output can be straightforward, or wildly creative.


Hadrian Monk: Director of Positive Thinking


Fernando Lamas: You Look Mahvelous


Wesley Snipes: Tax Accountant


Eddie Edelstein: Corporate Counseling


Angela Newberry: Awards Coordinator


Tom Mot: Corporate Palindrome


Cindy Crawfish: Cosmetologist


Esmerelda. No last name. Just Esmerelda.


Anouk Aimee: Efficiency Expert


Paul Pistoli: Corporate Spy


Steven Pensive: Director of Sales

Links inside Peekaboo content areas can point to external sites, or launch other widgets on your page. The link you clicked launches a PVII Magic Box slide.