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Layout Builder Magic TutorialsMaximizing the power of Layout Builder Magic

With Layout Builder Magic you'll be able to turn out modern, responsive page layouts like a pro, without coding, and without having to learn a massively complex CSS framework. LBM is the little CSS framework that runs like a giant, time after time. There has never been a page layout tool like this for Dreamweaver... ever.

Currently Available Tutorials

The following tutorials are available:

1. Using LBM with Dreamweaver Templates

2. Customizing Video and Map Aspect Ratios

The Layout Builder Components add-on for Layout Builder Magic includes components that automate the process of adding a responsive video or Google map to your page. Sometimes you'll need to customize the aspect ratio of your video for an older flick, shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio... instead of an HD aspect ratio. Of course, there are also times when you might want to make your map shorter to fit comfortably in your layout. This tutorial will show you how.

3. The User Class and ID options used to maximize CSS power

The LBM User Class option allows you to assign a custom CSS class to any element within your LBM page structure. This means you can easily create special CSS rules to assign unique attributes to elements contained on multiple pages. It also means that intermediate or expert-level CSS authors can create many different rules that can be assigned conveniently within the LBM interface. Of course, the IDs you can assign to any LBM element can also be used as hooks to custom CSS rules!