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Video Background Magic (VBM)Easily add compelling video backgrounds to any element on your page

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The Heart of Dreamweaver is still beating...

Easily add compelling video backgrounds to any element on your page

Since 1998, PVII has been crafting the finest Dreamweaver extensions and plug-ins. Video Background Magic adds compelling motion to your page... automatically. This feature-rich widget is unmatched in terms of automation, power, scalability, and features.


  • Responsive, Adaptive, and mobile-friendly
  • Assign to any page element
  • Media toolbar with fully automated state management. Toolbar icons for Pause/Play, Replay, and Mute/UnMute
  • Scaling method: Fill (cover) or Fit (contain)
  • Scalable toolbar icons using Google Material Fonts
  • Can be easily deployed inside PVII Panel Widgets (Tab Panels, Omni Panels, Accordion Panels)
  • AutoPlay on Load
  • Set Loop: Number or Infinite
  • Fade In on Start
  • Fade Out at End
  • Fade Out/In on loop transition
  • Fade Duration
  • Dim when not playing
  • Optionally suppress Video on Phones
  • Auto-Pause when not in visible viewport
  • Control Behaviors
  • Assign CSS filters to video (Grayscale, Sepia, or Blur)

See Demo Page

User Interface

The Video Background Magic interface: