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CSS Class Switcher (SCS)The ultimate tools and plugins for Dreamweaver

Installation and User Guide | Download v1.1.3 (free)

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CSS Class Switcher is a powerful tool. The effects you can create and orchestrate are limited only by your imagination!

Making Dreamweaver Better...

The PVII CSS Class Switcher captures the essence of Project Seven (PVII) history and, by association, Dreamweaver history. Extensions are what make Dreamweaver powerful, and making extensions is what we do...what we've been doing for more than 20 years.

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For coders and non-coders alike

If you're a coder, you're going to love CSS Class Switcher. The UI does the grunt work, connecting your page to a neat, compact JavaScript that's custom made and requires neither jQuery nor Bootstrap, meaning it's lightweight, portable, and thoroughly efficient. The Class Switcher script ensures that the magic you create on your page works flawlessly in both conventional and mobile devices. The UI also allows you to bind the script to the element of your choice, enable the triggering methods you want, whether to toggle the switch, and whether to retain or dismiss class names on the target element. In other words, you are limited only by your imagination and your CSS skills. If you are a non-coding designer, you're also going to love Class Switcher. The user guide will walk you through how to recreate the examples on this page, in step by step tutorials—leaving nothing to guesswork.

Free tools to help you understand the power of extensions

If you are not familiar with the power and automation that we bring to Dreamweaver, our free extensions are a great way to get to know us.

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We make and market powerful Dreamweaver extensions—tools that allow non-coders and coders alike to do amazing things. CSS Style Switcher is a free tool that embodies the principles we hold dear: quality, automation, ease of use, and the most efficient code in the business.

The UI

The Class Switcher UI allows you to both deploy and manage CSS class switching on your page. Hover (or tap) the image below to switch to animate the image color using CSS invert filter.

Project Seven (PVII) has been making Dreamweaver Extensions since 1998—powerful tools that enable you to make responsive page layouts, deploy responsive and accessible menus, design engaging panel widgets and image galleries. These are our most popular tools:

Adaptive Menu Magic

Above and beyond any other menu you can can make with Dreamweaver. Adaptive Menu Magic menus are naturally responsive and always fit your page. Includes web Aria and keyboard support. Truly a magic menu!

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Harmony Layout Builder

Transcends Dreamweaver's default layout building tools. Easy to use, efficient, and totally responsive.

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Slide Out Panels

Add as many as you want. Supports any type of content. Easily edited inside Dreamweaver.

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