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Panache by PVIIAn Automated Animation Builder for Dreamweaver

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Animation, when done right, can amplify your message

If Panache were available to early humans, can you imagine how much more effective cave drawings would be? Panache is an animation tool, but it is just as much a communication medium. If used effectively it can enhance your message, tell a story, or exclaim yout point with a level of engagement that simply cannot be matched.

Used creatively, Panache can augment your message and capture eyes, drawing keener focus to your story.

The Panache UI handles all the tedious work of building and coding your animations. Simply select a viewport to define the outer boundaries of an animation, a Trigger Type and an Animation method. Then put on your choreographer hat and set timing functions and you're done!


Nothing could be easier.

Panache animations can be set to run on page load or when scrolled into view (like this paragraph).

Key Feature Highlights

Automated User Interface

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

No coding Required

Choreograph Animations with Full Control over Timing

Set Animations to Run On Load, when Scrolled To, or When In View

Set Animations to Run Via Trigger Links Assigned to a Text or Image Link

Animation Can Be Applied to Any Element on Your Page

Fade Out Selected Elements When Animation is Done

Select a Viewport from a List of All Elements on Your Page to Establish Animation Boundaries

Supports Custom User Classes

Create Control Behaviors Assigned to Text or Image Links

Use Control Behaviors for Replaying or Skipping Animations

And much more...

Measured against other animation tools, Panache simply has no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.