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Lag Effect Magic (LEM) Easily Animate any elements on your page...

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Lag Effect Magic gives you the ability to animate any element on your page, be they DIVs, paragraphs, lists, images, or links. Of course, since this is a PVII extension, you can orchestrate your animations from within a graphical user interface that installs and runs inside Dreamweaver. It's the closest thing to having an amusement park inside your web page.

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  • Graphical User Interface inside Dreamweaver
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Animate any element on your page
  • Set animation direction (up or down)
  • Set custom offset
  • Time trigger to a positive or negative distance from element top to bottom of page
  • Set a delay for each animation
  • Choose animation type: Slide Only, Slide and Fade, Fade Only
  • Customize the starting fade amount

See Demo Page

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