Nesting LBM to Customize a Template Child Page

Even though your Template is locked in a 2-column configuration, you can still add multi-column rows to the editable regions in your child pages. Simply place your cursor where you want to insert the row, gently click to establish an insertion point, making sure your cursor is inside an editable region, then open the LBM interface.

The Select Action dialog will open:

Click the Create Nested LBM button to open the main LBM UI.

Configure your nested LBM structure and click OK. We created the 2-column row below using this method.


And a bottle...

That's it! Add your content and you're ready to go.

No limits...

With Layout Builder Magic you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. If you can think of a layout, you can probably create it.

Note: This tutorial is designed to work with Layout Builder Magic version 1.2.8 or higher. Make sure you have the latest version installed or your results might differ from ours.

Mobile Friendly

As a point of information, you should know that Layout Builder Magic pages are Google Mobile Friendly by default. To check this page, go here:

Google MF Test

Enter the URL and run the test. It passes! Of course.

Did you expect anything else?
Nah. We didn't think you did.