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Headline Effects Magic by PVII Create Engaging Animated Text Headings in Dreamweaver

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Easily add visual excitement to your page

Headline Effects Magic (HFX) is a Dreamweaver extension designed to breathe life into your web pages. The HFX system provides a fully automated interface in which you can choreograph intricate animation sequences for text items on your page. While it is designed to present engaging animated heading text it can be assigned to any string of text on your page.

Use HFX to creatively enhance your message, draw focus, and increase user engagement.

What is HFX?

HFX is a text rotator system that applies animations to each rotation. The Text Items can consist of any text phrase, one or more words.

Text Items can be displayed in one of 3 Configurations: Show Only One Text Item at a Time, Reveal Each Text Item Horizontally, or Reveal Each Text Item Vertically.

Quick and Easy to Use No Coding Required Responsive and Adaptive Works on Any Text!


- Choose from 16 different Text Item animations.

- Three different display configurations.

- Complete control over animation timing.

- Easily set Rotator display and pause times.

- Color Picker chips allow fast and easy color settings.

- Modify and/or re-order Text Items at any time.

- Can be assigned to any text on your page.

- Play Text Items continually or a set number of Cycles

The Headline Effects Magic interface handles all the tedious work of building and coding your animations. Simply select the text, add more text items, choose your options, and you're done!

HFX User Interface

Nothing could be easier!

Key Feature Highlights Key Feature Highlights Key Feature Highlights

Automated User Interface

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

16 Different Animation Effects

No coding Required

Choreograph Complex Text Animation Effects

3 Different Display Configurations

Easily assign colors for each Text Item

Animation Can Be Applied to Any Text Element on Your Page

Full Timing and Pause Control for Each Animation

Play Animations Continually or a Set Number of Cycles

Supports Custom User Classes

And much more...

Measured against other tools, Headline Effects Magic has no equal.

PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.