Flex Grid Magic (FGM) allows you to create one or more responsive Flexible Grids anywhere on your page or inside another PVII widget, like this one— made with Omni Panels! The FGM interface allows you to configure, style, and set options to your grid, and the boxes that comprise it. Grid boxes can contain images, text captions, text content, forms, or any other type of content. FGM content is fully editable in Dreamweaver Design View! Flex Grid Magic is the modern, responsive evolution of the classic Masonry Grid (fits together like a masterfully built stone wall)... with tons of power, style, and flexibility.

Click or Tap a thumbnail to launch a Magic Box slide show. The side show will contain arrows to traverse all images. To close the slide show, press your Escape key, click or tap the close icon at the top rght corner of each image, or click/tap off the image.
Each thumbnail can have a caption or descriptive text above or below