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CSS Layout Magic

"Makes quick work of CSS prototyping and goes beyond Dreamweaver's stock CSS templates"

"Faux columns made easy - and that's no lie"
-David Powers

Whether you are a CSS novice or a seasoned pro, CSS Layout Magic is an indispensible addition to your developer toolkit — instantly providing you with a rock-solid and standards-based foundation for your CSS-based projects and allowing you to focus more energy on your site's content and style than on its underlying structure.

CSS Layout Magic works on Windows and Mac OS X systems running Dreamweaver MX or higher.

This Product is Retired

Need a stable CSS foundation right now?

Simply open the PVII Page Pack window and choose from 12 stable, cross-browser, minimally styled CSS layouts available in one, two, and three column formats.

The CSS Layout Magic Interface

Click Create and your layout is automatically created and ready for you to customize. CSS Layout Magic does the hard parts and leaves you with a solid base from which to work.

Overview and Features...

  • Automatic Page-Creation interface
  • 6 two-column layouts. Choose from an assortment of fixed or flexible-width pages.
  • 3 three-column layouts. Choose either fixed or flexible-width.
  • 3 single-column layouts in either fixed or flexible-width formats
  • Automatic current page link highlighting
  • Editable Fireworks images
  • Search engine friendly
  • Standards-based and accessible
  • Stable cross-browser compatibility
  • Compatible with PVII widgets and menu systems

The multiple column layouts all utilize a Faux column technique to render all columns equal height. Styling is kept to a minimum to enable you to customize your page's colors and other style aspects quickly and efficiently—giving you the ability to create an unlimited number of different color combinations in minutes. Once you choose a layout and create your page, the included user guide will help you understand how your layout works as it guides you through the process of using the full-featured CSS editing tools built into Dreamweaver.

Includes a comprehensive User Guide

In addition to an automatic page creation system, CSS Layout Magic provides a thorough user guide to ensure that you understand how the layouts work and how to customize them.

Free unlimited technical support

As with all PVII products, your CSS Layout Magic entitles you to free support via email, newsgroup, or telephone.


Dreamweaver MX or higher (including CS5). Fireworks MX or higher is recommended for editing the simple column background images. CSS Layout Magic works on both Windows (incl. Vista) and Mac OS X systems.

Browser support

CSS Layout Magic supports all major browsers, including:

Windows browsers:

  • MSIE 5.x
  • MSIE 6.x
  • MSIE 7.x (and up)
  • Firefox 1.x and up
  • Mozilla 1.x and up
  • Opera

Pages degrade gracefully in older browsers with all content accessible.

Macintosh browsers:

  • Safari
  • MSIE 5
  • Firefox
  • Opera