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Drill Down Menu Magic The most interesting Dreamweaver menu builder ever!

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Drill Down Menu Magic (DDM) is probably the most unique menu builder ever made for Dreamweaver. Built for spatial efficiency, DDM menus allow you to present an unlimited number of menu levels that occupy a single space. This is possible because, instead of dropping down or flying out, sub-levels slide in, replacing their parent levels. See the examples now...

Navigation with smarts...

Drill Down menus can be set to slide out from the left or right edge of your page, triggered by a fixed hamburger icon. In this mode, the menu's position is also fixed and extends to the full height of your browser. Additionally, you can opt to dim the underlying page when the menu is open and/or have the menu push the page to the left or the right. Drill Down menus can also be embedded in a specific part of your page, such as a sidebar. In this mode, the menu will scroll with your page. Explore all of the options and settings in the DDM user guide...

  • Drill Down Menu Magic
  • screen-00
    When you create a menu in Fixed Slide Out mode, the menu is triggered by clicking or tapping a hamburger icon. Menus can slide out from either the right or left.
  • screen-01
    The menu in its root state, when the page first loads.
  • screen-02
    After clicking or tapping on "Electronics", a sub-menu (with a descriptive heading) slides into place and a Back Button appears.
  • screen-03
    Choosing "Televisions" causes the menu to drill deeper. You can have an unlimited number of levels!
  • screen-04
    Menus can be set to slide out from the left or right, driven by a Hamburger icon or they can be embedded right in your page... in a sidebar, for example.

The User Interface

The Drill Down Menu Magic interface installs into Dreamweaver, giving you the ability to create and manage as many menus as you want.

Key Features

Create Fully styled menus with just a few clicks

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver better

No coding required

Create and manage as many menus as you want


Choose fixed, slide-out mode, or embed directly in page

Set styling options to Create your dream menu!

Smooth Scroll to same-page links capability built in!

The most interesting Dreamweaver menu builder... ever!

An Investment in Excellence!

Measured against other tools, PVII Menu Builders have no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.