PVII Gallery Magic: Key Lime

  • Butterfly
    Descriptions can be styled in various ways or can be omitted. They are completely optional. You can even have hyperlinks in here.
  • Closeup
    Descriptions are carried in the actual markup, right below their related images so that search engines can see them. The description element can be separately styled with CSS. In this example, descriptions have a different font-family set.
  • Grasshopper
    What a pretty bug!
  • Fly
    Flies can be beautiful, too (so long as they keep off my lunch).
  • Yellow Monarch
    Butterflies are free (and so was this image).
  • Honeybee
    I'm almost certain this is a bee.
  • Paper Moth
    Is it a moth or is it a butterfly.
  • Velvet Butterfly
    This little fellow is very classy for a bug.
  • Grasshopper
    This grasshopper is named George.
  • Butterfly Landing
    Are those extra eyes?.
  • Dragonfly
    If you know what this bug is, please let us know.
  • Butterfly Flight
    She's obviously looking for something - or someone.
  • Beetle
    Orange is the hot new color for antenna.
  • Wolf Spider
    Back off bucko.
  • Butterfly on Leaf
    It really is a small world.
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