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Full Screen Slide Show: Peekaboo LinksThe Ultimate Responsive and Adaptive Widgets for Dreamweaver

A Responsive and Adaptive Full Screen Slide Show from PVII

We showcase an engaging page with 3 slide shows, launched from CSS-styled links that are set to float above the slide shows, allowing you to switch among all 3 shows. You can download the page and use it for your own projects. It comes with fully commented CSS. All you need is a copy of Full Screen Slide Show!

See the Finished Page!

1. Download the Finished Page and Images

The download folder contains a work page and a folder of images. Download now...

Unzip the folder to a folder within your local defined Dreamweaver site and open the workpage.htm file.

2. Create your Slide Shows

Click iside the Cats link and open the FSS interface. Select your images from the downloaded images we have provided, or use your own images. Repeat for Canines and Bears links..

CSS Notes

All of the custom CSS and the page design CSS is embedded in the <head> of the workpage.htm file. It is fully commented for your review.

Give us your Feedback

Let us know what you think of the page (see finished page) and how useful you find it, by posting on our Forum:

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