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Adaptive Menu Magic Site-wide ManagementPVII is the leader in creative extensions for Dreamweaver

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Dreamweaver Templates, Library Items and Server-Side Includes allow you to manage repeating sections of your web pages in a central file. The tutorials listed below will help you to deploy your AMM menu using any of those methods.

Note: The methods covered are focused on Adaptive Menu Magic, but the techniques used will work for any menu system or widget.

Choose a Tutorial based on the site-wide method you want to use:

AMM in Templates

Dreamweaver Templates are a popular way to manage small and medium-sized web sites. A template carries your complete page layout and is managed by Dreamweaver locally. Making changes to the master Template file will prompt Dreamweaver to update all pages that are based on that Template. You then simply upload the revised pages to your Web server. Dreamweaver Templates are ideal for new sites. If you are not familiar with Dreamweaver's Template features, please see our Template Primer for more information.

AMM in Library Items

Library Items work locally. When you make changes to the Library Item file, Dreamweaver updates the local copy of each page that carries an instance of that Library Item. You then simply upload the revised pages to your Web server.

Dreamweaver Library Items are a good choice for existing sites and can even be used inside sites that are based on Dreamweaver Templates.

PVII menu systems and widgets are designed to be fully compatible with Dreamweaver Templates and Library Items. The system will recognize that a Template or Library Item is being used and adjust accordingly.

AMM in Server-Side Includes

The technology is wonderfully simple. You place a directive in your page where you want the contents of an external file (the include file) to be inserted. When your server encounters the directive it reads the external include file and inserts that file's contents in place of the directive. Includes are often more practical to use for medium-to-large sites because only the include file needs to be edited and uploaded to your server. Each page that contains a directive that references the include file is then updated instantly.

Server-side includes are ideal for both new and existing sites.

Measured against other menu building tools, Adaptive Menu Magic simply has no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.