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Restoring Dreamweaver's Classic Insert Bar:

Use the Classic Insert Bar in Dreamweaver Creative Cloud 2018 and higher

Want Your Classic Insert Bar Icons Back?

Dreamweaver CC ships with the Insert Panel / Bar set to Panel View as default:

If you do not see the Insert Panel the choose Window-Insert and the Insert Panel will open.


To change this to the classic Insert Bar of icons that run horizontally across the top of your application window, follow the simple steps below.

Drag it and then Drop it

-Click on the Insert tab at the top of your panel and hold the mouse down:

Click the Inser Panel

-Holding the mouse down, drag the panel toward the top of your application window so that it is just below the Code - Split - Design selectors. As you drag the panel close to these selectors you will see a blue line appear:

Drag the Panel to the top of main app window.

-When you see the blue line appear, release the mouse to drop the panel and transform it into the Insert Bar.

Classic Insert Bar

Now you have your classic Insert Bar and, as a bonus, you've perked Dreamweaver up with a needed splash of color!

That's it!