20-Apr-14 - Headline Scroller Magic Released:

Headline Scroller Magic is a responsive and adaptive headline scroller. Use it to draw visitors to your most important stories and products. Headline Scroller Magic is fully automated, with its own graphical user interface in Dreamweaver. Read more...

➲ 4-Apr-14 - Tab Panel Magic 3 Updated:

Tab Panel Magic 3 now supports swiping in touch-enabled devices. Tab Panel Magic 3 works in all devices and in all browsers. Configure each widget in a dedicated interface inside Dreamweaver. TPM3 supports multi-column panel configurations. Updates Page | TPM3 home...

➲ PVII Responsive Tools and Templates:

PVII is the leader in responsive menus, widgets, and page-building tools for Dreamweaver. Product listing...

PVII Headline Scroller

Use Headline Scroller (HSL) to present your most important marketing headlines. Link those headlines to the associated full story and you've got a sales and marketing tool that will work for you.


The Headline Scroller Interface in Dreamweaver