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Harmonium: A Harmony Page Pack Collection The most Powerful Layout Building Tools for Dreamweaver

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Harmonium is a collection of 9 gorgeous web pages built with our Harmony Page Building tool. Each page also contains a coordinated Adaptive Menu.


Mix and match portal pages and interior pages. You can even choose between horizontal and vertical menus! Designed to work perfectly with Dreamweaver Templates.

Choose from Nine elegant Layouts | View Examples

The User Interface

Harmonium comes with an interface that installs into Dreamweaver, giving you the ability to create fully designed pages instantly!

Key Features

Create Fully Designed Pages Instantly

Responsive & Adaptive

Works with Dreamweaver Templates

No coding Required

Comes with Adaptive Menus (horizontal or vertical)

Built with PVII Harmony Layout Builder


Choose from 9 Page Designs

Mix and Match Page Designs to Create your Dream Site!

Harmony Users can Edit each Layout Visually to Restructure Columns and Rows!

And much more...

An Investment in Excellence!

Measured against other tools, PVII Page Pack Collections have no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.