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Magic Box by PVII

Magic Box by PVII redefines what a modal lightbox can be. In fact, it is the most advanced widget of its kind. Mobile-friendly, responsive, and loaded with advanced features—nothing else comes close. What can you do with it? You can create a thumbnail-driven gallery capable of displaying images, videos, and content slides. You can even launch a Magic Box slide from a text link or image already on your page.

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This Magic Box slide is triggered by a simple text link styled with CSS
  • Mobile Ready and Responsive
  • Swipe support on touch-enabled devices
  • Separate Trigger interface allows you to launch a show from existing images or links on your page
  • Assign a Magic Box trigger to any link on your page
  • Magic box shows can contain as few as one slide or as many slides as you need
  • Auto Convert Lightshow Magic slide shows
  • Automatic image preloading in stages
  • Auto Caption displays slide counter
  • Include additional description that accepts HTML code
  • Position Caption or Description above or below slides
  • Import images and thumbnails en masse
  • Have Magic Box set up a thumbnail presentation or set up your own thumbnails
  • By default, image slides are constrained so that the entire fits within the height of the browser window. This option can be turned on or off for each image individually.
  • Set max-width or max-height for individual images
  • Set width and max-width for content slides
  • Set the top offset of your slides
  • Launch a Magic Box on page load
  • Display a fixed toolbar at top of viewport
  • Include Pause/Play/Previous/Next controls in any combination
  • When toolbar is not selected, a close button appears at top right corner of slide
  • Opt for larger Previous/Next arrows on slide
  • Launch a Magic Box gallery in auto-play mode
  • When playing, set time for slides to display before advancing to next slide
  • Choose from several animation methods (Fade, Zoom, Slide, Soft Slide with Fade)
  • Choose light or dark accent colors
  • Choose any combination of rounded corners, shadows, matting, and borders
  • Keyboard Support: Use arrow keys, space bar, page keys, and Escape key to control shows

Magic Box is a modal window tool, similar to Lightbox or Fancy Box widgets, but with far more power, refinement, and features. You can deploy it individually on single images or links and have the system merge them into a cohesive gallery. Slides can include images, content, or even videos.

Thumbnail Driven Magic Box Gallery

The following matrix of thumbnails was created and placed on the page by Magic Box. The thumbnails were processed to the same size and custom thumbnails were made for the video and content slides.

  • abs-01
  • abs-02
  • abs-03
  • Video
  • abs-04
  • abs-05
  • abs-06
  • abs-07
  • abs-08
  • abs-09
  • abs-10
  • abs-11
  • Content Slide
  • abs-12
  • abs-13
  • abs-14

A Monologue from Huck Finn

Miss Watson told me to pray every day, and whatever I asked for I would get it. But it warn't so. I tried it. Once I got a fish-line, but no hooks. It warn't any good to me without hooks. I tried for the hooks three or four times, but somehow I couldn't make it work. By and by, one day, I asked Miss Watson to try for me, but she said I was a fool. She never told me why, and I couldn't make it out no way. I set down one time back in the woods, and had a long think about it. I says to myself, if a body can get anything they pray for, why don't Deacon Winn get back the money he lost on pork? Why can't the widow get back her silver snuffbox that was stole? Why can't Miss Watson fat up? No, says I to my self, there ain't nothing in it. I went and told the widow about it, and she said the thing a body could get by praying for it was "spiritual gifts." This was too many for me, but she told me what she meant--I must help other people, and do everything I could for other people, and look out for them all the time, and never think about myself. This was including Miss Watson, as I took it. I went out in the woods and turned it over in my mind a long time, but I couldn't see no advantage about it--except for the other people; so at last I reckoned I wouldn't worry about it any more, but just let it go.

Magic Box is Adaptive and Responsive

Unlike most jQuery box widgets, Magic Box is adaptive in real time. Images or content slides adapt instantly to viewport size. Of course, Magic Box handles mixed-size or mixed-orientation images with aplomb. In this gallery, note how the portrait images never exceed the height of your window.

  • pic-01
  • pic-02
  • Content Slide
  • pic-03
  • pic-04
  • pic-05
  • pic-06
  • pic-07
  • pic-08
  • pic-09

Content Slide

Content slides can be assigned a special thumbnail we provide, or you can make your own. Content slides can contain any type of content, including forms, images, data tables, and even videos.