Image Rotator Magic 2 does Mobius

To do what we did, look for the first DIV inside the content DIV:

<div class="column-content border-bottom colored-black">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ne sea vocent scripta abhorreant, facilisi explicari mel ne, ut quo vide ridens. Mei ex quodsi inciderint, quo ad quas deleniti definitionem.</div>

Delete the above code and than insert your IRM2 widget in its place.

IRM2 Features

  • Fully automated UI in Dreamweaver.
  • Mobile ready, responsive, and adaptive. Includes a max-height option in the event you need to display mixed-orientation images.
  • Mobile Swipe Support.
  • Easy to use in WordPress and other CMS systems.
  • Optional description—configurable for position and animation method. Description supports HTML markup, allowing you to include simple text, headings, or links.
  • Optional Toolbar with Previous, Next, Pause, and Play icons. Choose which icons appear on your toolbar and select from two positioning options.
  • Optional large Previous/Next arrows displayed at rotator edges.
  • Auto Play options allow you to cycle as many times as you wish through all images.
  • Optional random image order.
  • Custom set the delay between images.
  • Set links for each image.
  • Several animation methods.
  • Rounded Corner and Shadow options
  • External Linking and Bookmark Support.

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