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Image Gallery Magic 2 Examples and Tutorials

PVII is the leader in creative extensions for Dreamweaver.


Available Examples

  1. Ken Burns Effect - Smooth Pan and ZoomBring your images to life with smooth motion animation

  2. Ken Burns Effect - Broadcast Quality MotionTelling a story with the Ken Burns effect

  3. Full Fit Mode with Cross FadeAutomatically fill the entire Viewport—or the Entire Browser Window!

  4. Auto Height Cross Fade AnimationUse landscape and portrait images without distortion

  5. Fixed Height Cross FadeYour images will fit like a glove—adhering to the dimensions you set

  6. Auto Height Slide AnimationSmooth sliding with absolutely no image distortion


  1. Start a Show in Full-Screen ModeUse the Page Startup options in the IGM2 interface to launch your gallery in all its full-screen glory

  2. Auto Process Images with FireworksOptionally use Adobe Fireworks to process your full-size and thumbnail images