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Launch a page with your gallery in full-screen mode

Go to Full-Screen Gallery Now...

Included with the version 2.2.7 update is the ability to open a page with an IGM2 gallery and have the gallery start in full-screen mode. All you need to do is set the Full-Screen Startup option in the interface and enable either the Toolbar or the Paginator so that the Back button will be available. A special Back button will be displayed in either the Toolbar or Paginator to allow navigation back to the previous page. The button will automatically disappear if you reach the gallery directly and there is no page to go back to.

While in Full-Screen view, you can navigate the gallery with your keyboard:

  • First Image: Home key
  • Previous:  PageUp, left-Arrow, -(minus on num pad), or shift-Spacebar
  • Pause/Play: p or P
  • Next: PageDown, right-Arrow, +(plus on num pad), or Spacebar
  • Last: End key
  • Exit Full-Screen View: Esc key