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Background Animator Magic Examples The ultimate Background Animator for Dreamweaver

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Add as many Background Animator instances to your page as you please. Each instance can be set with individual options for color mask, animation type, speed, and more. This demo is set to run a Multi-stage animation.

Background Animator Magic can run in any element on your page, including the page itself! Your existing page content is automatically positioned to display overlaid above the animated background. Elements on which you've set a BAM! instance can contain any amount or type of content. Background Animator Magic works flawlessly with Harmony and Layout Builder Magic—our most popular page layout builders. This demo is running the Ken Burns animation method with a 70% opaque orange mask.

PVII makes Dreamweaver better. Like all PVII tools, it comes with an interface from which you can assign powerful options and a myriad of settings. You can even choose from 19 colored masks to sit between your content and your BAM! This demo is set to the Slide and Fade animation and displays the optional Pause/Play icon.

Cinema-quality animation

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

No coding Required

Easily import images

SEO and Screen Reader Friendly

Convenient Interface Inside Dreamweaver

Choose from 20 Colored Masks

Optionally set Opacity level on Masks

Rotator Automatically Runs Behind Content

Slide, Slide & Fade, Fade, and Ken Burns Animations

Optional Pause/Play Icon

And much more...

Assign to Any Element on your page—including the body

Works wonderfully with PVII Harmony and Layout Builder Magic

Show Your Art masterfully!

The Interface

Measured against other gallery tools and widgets, Background Animator Magic simply has no equal. Breathe life into your pages. Think about it. Your page never looked better. Dreamweaver is better. BAM! makes you look better.