Launch Page with AGM in Full-Screen Mode

You can launch an AGM gallery in full-screen mode when its page opens. Imagine the possiblities. Click the links below to experience the possibilities.

Available Galleries

Choose from the following galleries. Each will open in its own page, in full-screen mode. The pages themselves contain only a logo, an AGM gallery, a Slide-Out menu, and a footer. Nothing else is really necessary. Navigation links are stored in the AGM Categories popup.

Museum-grade galleries in Dreamweaver

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

No coding Required

Easily import images

Works With or Without Thumbnails

Draggable and Swipe-Able

Fullscreen Kiosk Mode

Keyboard Navigable in Fullscreen


Convenient Interface Inside Dreamweaver

Slide, Slide & Fade, Fade, and Ken Burns Animations

Optional Toolbars & Icons

And much more...

Show Your Art masterfully!

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