Add Navigation links to AGM

You can add links to the AGM Categories popup—links that go to other pages within your site or any page outside your site. Links are added within the AGM interface and appear in the Categories popup list, which appears when you click or tap the hamburger icon [☰] in the AGM toolbar. Try it, below...

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    AGM is the most powerful, elegant, and feature-rich gallery tool ever created for Dreamweaver users.
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    Feature rich and now with new features...
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    The Categories popup (controlled by the toolbar's hamburger icon) can now house navigation lists, too.
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    Display your art masterfully.
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    Never compromise.

Museum-grade galleries in Dreamweaver

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Better

No coding Required

Easily import images

Works With or Without Thumbnails

Draggable and Swipe-Able

Fullscreen Kiosk Mode

Keyboard Navigable in Fullscreen


Convenient Interface Inside Dreamweaver

Slide, Slide & Fade, Fade, and Ken Burns Animations

Optional Toolbars & Icons

And much more...

Show Your Art masterfully!

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