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PVII Web Widgets

PVII is the leader in creative extensions for Dreamweaver.


PVII Harmony is a responsive page layout tool that leverages the full power of the CSS Flexbox specification. Months of R&D have yielded a tool that gives you access to all of Flexbox's power in a simple to use automated interface running inside Dreamweaver, without having to worry about browser quirks. Harmony is a definitive solution—a bridge to the future of web page design, a new way forward that you can use today, on new or existing pages.

Information | Add to Cart: $125


Insert one or more images with rollup, rolldown, or static information overlays. Information can also be set inline, below the image. Multiple images are automatically arranged in a responsive and adaptive CSS grid. Easily edit content directly in Dreamweaver Design View.

Information | Add to Cart: $95

Image FX

Image FX gives you the ability to animate any image on your page. Of course, since this is a PVII extension, you can set your animations from within a graphical user interface that installs and runs inside Dreamweaver.

Information | Add to Cart: $80

Lag Effect Magic

Lag Effect Magic gives you the ability to animate any element on your page, be they DIVs, paragraphs, lists, images, or links. Of course, since this is a PVII extension, you can orchestrate your aimations from within a graphical user interface that installs and runs inside Dreamweaver. It's the closest thing to having an amusement park inside your web page.

Information | Add to Cart: $80

Slide Out Panel Magic

Slide Out Panel Magic (SOP) allows you to create one or more responsive and adaptive slide-out panels on your page.. The SOP interface allows you to configure, style, and set options for each panel you create. Panels can contain images, text captions, text content, forms, other PVII Widgerts, PVII galleries and slide shows, or any other type of content. SOP panel content is fully editable in Dreamweaver Design View! Slide Out Panel Magic gives you total design freedom... with tons of power, style, and flexibility

Information | Add to Cart: $95

Flex Grid Magic

Flex Grid Magic harnesses the unique power of the CSS Flexbox specification to create flexible, adaptive, and responsive grids. FGM grids render in a masonry type configuration—a web-based rendition of a masterfully built stone wall, where each piece is uniquely sized, laid in the perfect spot, lending strength to the overall structure. It's both symmetrical and asymmetrical at the same time. The FGM UI is designed to automate the process of building grids that are ideally suited to the following tasks:

Information | Add to Cart: $95

Pop Box Magic

Pop Box Magic (PBX) allows you to attach a responsive popup box to any link on your page. Links can be text or images. The PBX interface allows you to style the trigger link and the popup box however you want.

Pop Box Magic is the modern, responsive evolution of the classic web page tooltip... with tons more power, style, and flexibility.

Information | Add to Cart: $95

Omni Panels

Omni Panels is the most powerful and most responsive panels widget for Dreamweaver. It magically adapts to all screen and window sizes automatically. Not enough room for your horizontal tabs? No problem. If you want, Omni Panels will convert your horizontal tabs to vertical tabs.

Information | Add to Cart: $95

Layout Builder Magic

Layout Builder Magic (LBM) is A Visual Page Layout Tool that runs inside Dreamweaver. LBM makes Dreamweaver a better program, in which you can create and manage modern, responsive page layouts from the comfort of a visual design interface. No coding is ever required.

Information | Add to Cart ($129)

Layout Builder Magic Components

Components extend the power of the ultimate page layout tool for Dreamweaver. Now easily add menus, buttons, lists, responsive videos, and responsive Google maps!

Information | Add to Cart ($75)

Show More or Less Widget

Show More or Less (SML) is an incredibly useful automated Dreamweaver widget that allows you to show parts of content blocks, with links that permit your visitors to "See More and See Less".

Information | Add to Cart ($65)

Scroll To Element Widget

Set up smooth-scrolling links to and from any point on your page...Automatically.

Information | Add to Cart ($45

Scroll To Top Widget

Create special links or arrows that scroll your page to the top. Automatic, easy, and extremely cool!

Information | Add to Cart ($45)

Mobile Friendly Table Converter

What do you do when your client calls at 4:00pm and says "Hey dude, when I search for my site on a phone, Google can't find it. It's not there, man! I called an SEO guy and he says he thinks it's because I have tables in my pages." Instead of a panic attack, followed by hours of coding, you can use PVII Mobile-Friendly Tables to convert old-fashioned tables into mobile-friendly tables, in no time.

Information | Add to Cart ($95)

Headline Scroller Magic

Use Headline Scroller (HSL) to present your most important marketing headlines

Information | Add to Cart ($45)

The classic Tab Panel widget that sets the benchmark in stability, accessibility, and features by which all others are judged.

Tab Panel Magic 3

In a sea of widgets, PVII Tab Panel Magic 3 offers quality, refinement, features, accessibility, and Dreamweaver integration that is simply unmatched by any other. And, of course, it works on your iPad.

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95) | Upgrade Version ($65)

The Lux Add-On for Tab Panel Magic 3

The Lux Pack is a showcase add-on for Tab Panel Magic 3: the ultimate WYSIWYG tabbed panel widget for Dreamweaver. Lux provides an automated interface, inside Dreamweaver, that allows you to make a gorgeous page, with a fabulous Tab Panel widget at its core. Click the image below to see what you'll be able to create... in seconds!

Information | Add to Cart ($65)

The classic Tab Panel widget that sets the benchmark in stability, accessibility, and features by which all others are judged.

Accordion Panel Magic 4

The upgrade version requires that you own Accordion Panel Magic 3 and that you have it installed

Information | Add to Cart: Full Version ($95) | Upgrade Version ($65)

Features that are unmatched, Dreamweaver automation that is unprecedented, and refinement that is unrivaled. Put it all together and you have the ultimate Accordion widget.

Dreamweaver Compatibility

PVII Products work on both Windows and Mac operating systems and are compatible with Dreamweaver MX through Dreamweaver CS6 (and up).

How are PVII products delivered?

PVII products are delivered electronically. That is, once your online order form is submitted you will be able to download the product immediately.

How do I install my product?

That depends on the product. The process, however, is simple:

  • Make a copy of the downloaded product file, which is usually a Zip format file. Keep the backup in a secure place such as an external backup drive.
  • Unzip your product file
  • Look in the root of the unzipped archive for a readme_first file, which contains specific installation instructions and a link to a product User Guide or Help Files.

How do I get support?

Once you buy a PVII product, you have access to our full support system. For a complete description of all support options, see our main support page.

Can I pay with a check?

If you'd rather pay by check or money order, please use our Order Form