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CSS Column Composer Magic It's like Legos® for Web designers


Video Introduction to Column Composer: See just how easy it is to create CSS columns with just a few clicks...

What the Beta Testers are Saying...

"What used to take hours or days can now be done in minutes. I was stunned at how fast I could compose a new page layout. The styles are gorgeous and you can create any kind of layout with a few clicks. Simple enough for a novice with enough under the hood for a seasoned veteran. This is an amazing product! " -Michael Rizzo

"This tool is totally amazing. I've been making sites with PVII templates for 10 years and Column Composer Magic has not only changed the way I build a site—it's given me all the design freedom I could ever need." -Lee Aston

"I used to handcode my columns and layouts in Dreamweaver—now I simply CCM them."

"Column Composer Magic is the CSS Dreamliner for Dreamweaver. There has never been a tool quite like this that can create simple or complex CSS column layouts in minutes. Multiple rows, columns and nesting all with just a few clicks. If you build web pages, there is simply no better tool you can own." -Tony Westley

This structure was created with Column Composer Magic

Column Composer Magic Interface

Column Composer Magic is rich with optional features that can be turned on or off with a single click from the comfort of a graphical user interface inside Dreamweaver:

Progressive enhancement (Browser Support)

PVII Column Composer Magic employs the concept of progressive enhancement. We start with well-formed code that displays all content in all devices. Then we use CSS for effects such as rounded corners and shadows. The effects are deployed in ways that enhance modern browsers while assuring an attractive and accessible presentation in older ones. IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and even your iPhone display rounded corners and drop shadows. Older browsers display your page beautifully—except for the shadows and round corners.