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Tabbed Panel driven...

If you happen to own Tab Panel Magic 3, you can opt to create an Allegro portal page with a TPM3 banner widget, just like we've done with this page.

Driven to Excellence

Allegro is an automated Dreamweaver page-building tool that makes it easy to create responsive pages with compelling designs, usable features, and efficient code. Choose a cool smooth-scrolling portal page, that can optionally include a Tab Panel Magic 3 panel banner widget (requires Tab Panel Magic 3). Then choose coordinating interior pages with traditional layouts. You can even include a special page with a styled contact form. And if you want to roll your own layout, you can choose a special framework page that can easily be configured with your own custom column arrangements, using the included Allegro Row/Column Creator tool.

Really cool effects...

The Tab Panel that we insert in your Allegro page is configured to work in harmony with the Allegro design. You really don't have to change a thing. In fact, Allegro comes with its own TPM3 style theme. How about that? Yeah. Pretty cool. And very handy.

Expressive colors...

Rules inside the Allegro style sheet, automatically assign colors to your tab panels. And, of course, you can still use the TPM3 interface to customize the look and behavior of your tabbed panel widget..


Use the Tab Panel to display cool images or just a bit of relevant content. Tab Panel Magic 3 is, of course, fully adaptive and responsive... a perfect match for your Allegro page. And it comes with its own built-in column configurator. You just can't go wrong. Even they agree...

And they know. Believe me, they really totally know.



Obviously relevant marketing images make your page seriously relevant...


Or just take off on a flitty flight of fancy. Do something for art's sake...


Hence loathed Melancholy, of Cerberus, and blackest Midnight born, in Stygian cave forlorn, 'mongst horrid shapes, and shrieks, and sights unholy; find out some uncouth cell, where brooding Darkness spreads his jealous wings, and the night-raven sings;

There under ebon shades, and low-brow'd rocks, as ragged as thy locks, in dark Cimmerian desert ever dwell. But come thou goddess fair and free, in heav'n yclep'd Euphrosyne, and by men, heart-easing Mirth, whom lovely Venus at a birth with two sister graces more to Ivy-crowned Bacchus bore.

Or whether (as some sager sing) the frolic wind that breathes the spring, Zephyr, with Aurora playing, as he met her once a-Maying, there on beds of violets blue, and fresh-blown roses wash'd in dew, fill'd her with thee, a daughter fair, so buxom, blithe, and debonair.

Haste thee nymph, and bring with thee jest and youthful Jollity, quips and cranks, and wanton wiles, nods, and becks, and wreathed smiles, such as hang on Hebe's cheek, and love to live in dimple sleek; sport that wrinkled Care derides, and Laughter holding both his sides.

Come, and trip it as ye go on the light fantastic toe, and in thy right hand lead with thee, the mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty.

Excerpt from L'Allegro, by John Milton

Allegro is one of several legendary PVII Page Building tools. Milton would have used it, no doubt.

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The social web is a set of social relations that link people through the World Wide Web. The Social web encompasses how websites and software are designed and developed in order to support and foster social interaction. These online social interactions form the basis of much online activity including online shopping, education, gaming and social networking websites. Heaven help us? Or not?